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Yamalube 0W-40 Full Synthetic With Ester


Yamalube 0W-40 Full Synthetic With Ester
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Yamalube 0W-40 Full Synthetic With Ester



0W-40 Full Synthetic with Ester

Item: LUB-00W40-FS-12

Snowmobile Oil

Size: Quart


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Product Description

Genuine Yamalube for racing and performance enthusiasts. Shear stability, maximum lubrication and high thermal resistance gives you the very best protection during the harsh extremes of high performance riding and racing applications. The highest grade of lubricants are known as esters. These lubricants are fully synthetic and provide unequalled lubricity that bonds with metal engine components to create a shield against wear. Designed to deliver the best possible performance for all four-stroke snowmobiles. It provides easy starts at extremely low temperatures, fast flow on startup, and a high level of corrosion protection and water shedding capabilities. Resists thermal breakdown, under extremely high rpm and load conditions providing high performance and durability even while racing.

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